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About Us

M2Tech Consulting

Established under the laws of the state of Florida in the USA and headquartered in Biscayne BLVD, M2Tech Consulting LLC is a company specialized in the implementation of disruptive technologies and Cloud Native platforms; M2Tech Consulting LLC, has expert professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the digital transformation that makes the cultural transition of your organization possible, through its own local operations, business solutions in information technology that seek to supply in an integrated and focused way coverage in the areas of IT systems, security and infrastructure.

Based on best practices, we rely on work tools such as: AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF), Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, reference framework such as that of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), guides that allow in an efficient way to create business and technological strategies necessary to contribute to the development of the IT operating model.



How we work?

M2Tech Consulting


Provide the most innovative technologies in order to cover the strategic axes of organizations and with the aim of increasing their competitiveness and productivity. For this we implement practical solutions adapted to their needs, adding value to our clients through creativity. Our base is based on the use of new technologies.


We are committed to our clients in a transparent and effective way to become their business partner. In our vision we want to be a benchmark company that walks with the change in technology and business, publicizing standards, best practices and new technologies. This work must be carried out in an ethical and satisfactory way for us and our clients.


Constantly innovate in cutting-edge technology.
Stay ahead of technologies market trends.
Create efficient operating structures with reasonable operating costs to the business model.
Understand the client's needs, to propose solutions.



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